Direct Mint to User Wallet

In this page we will learn the different ways your users can receive their NFTs, and how to mint directly into the user wallet using Crossmint.


Direct to wallet minting does NOT yet work for:

  • EVM ERC-1155 contracts
  • EVM collections without a mintTo (custom recipient) function

By default, Crossmint collections are enabled to choose the destination wallet of the mint among these two options:

Crossmint custodial wallet

Users will receive their NFTs into their dedicated Crossmint wallet. From there, they can see their NFT collection and transfer out the NFTs to their own wallets whenever they want.

The user's wallet

Users will receive their NFTs into their own wallet, that is the very same thing that would happen with a normal mint, but paying with Credit Card instead of with their wallet.

How to direct mint to a user's wallet

This is actually super simple. You will need to add a new prop to the SDK button called mintTo. The value of this prop will be the address where you want the user to receive the NFT into.

// Add this component next to your minting button


Notice the last prop mintTo added to the button? There you will include user's address.

If the field is not included or left empty, Crossmint will consider the mint as a Crossmint custodial wallet mint and will send the NFT into the user's Crossmint wallet.