Select the recipient of the NFT

Enable buyers to send NFTs to their own wallets or create a Crossmint wallet for them

When a user purchases an NFT with Crossmint, they can send it directly to their own wallet. If they don't have one, we will create them one instantly, on the backend.

Sending the NFT into a user's existing wallet

If the user has connected their wallet to your site, you can pass the address to the SDK by adding a "mintTo" variable

// Add this component next to your minting button


This feature will NOT work for:

  • EVM collections without a mintTo (custom recipient) function

Creating wallets for buyers

If the mintTo variable is left empty or is not included, we will create a wallet for the buyer. Read more about the wallets here.

Users may transfer the NFTs outside of these wallets at any time for free. They may do so during the checkout flow or from the wallet.

Escrow-less projects

In some cases, you may want to configure your projects to be escrow-less. Escrow-less projects offer a more streamlined process, as all clients associated with the project will automatically become escrow-less as well.

In escrowless projects, the process for handling transactions can differ from regular projects, when a transaction is considered **risky**\.

Instead of minting and storing the asset while the user is being validated, the transaction will fail, and the rest of the workflow will proceed as a failed transaction. This failure includes the same callbacks, hooks, and other related processes as any other transaction failure.

From the user perspective

When an escrowless transaction fails, the system displays the following error message:

To configure a project to be escrow-less, please contact us.