Candy Machine

Crossmint supports Metaplex's Candy Machine v2 and Candy Machine v3. Read the instructions below to find out how to integrate our client SDK with your Solana NFT Drop.


Live Demo

Check out a live demo integrated with a Solana Candy Machine at

If you don't yet have your own Solana Candy Machine ID, you'll need to generate one. We wrote a very detailed guide that will show you how to set one up with a custom website.

If you generated your website with the above tutorial, the Crossmint button should already be integrated. If you are using a custom website please visit the Crossmint Pay Button docs.

But, if you already have a Candy Machine ID, you can use one of our starter projects to easily create a website for your NFT collection. The Crossmint button is already integrated into our starters.

Starter projects

We also provide the following projects that you can use to start building an app with our client SDK already integrated:

candy-machine-react-uiA minimal UI front-end in React, for creating NFT drop sites for Solana Candy Machines.
nextjs-starter​Next.js project using React

Test your Solana Candy Machine Integration

To make sure that your Crossmint integration is working smoothly, read our Test Your Integration page where we lay out all the details step by step.

Integrate the Crossmint Button

After meeting the prerequisites, you're now ready to integrate our button into your website.

We provide a variety of ways to integrate the client SDK. If you're using React, we have a client integration specific for you. If you're using a different framework, or working with vanilla JavaScript, we can help you there too.

Where to mint to?

By default, Crossmint offers the creator the opportunity to decide where is the NFT going to be minted. You can either mint into the user's dedicated Crossmint wallet, or directly into their own wallet. To find out more about this, read our Direct mint to user wallet page.

Solana Custom Contracts

We support custom Solana contracts, but our solutions integrations team will need to work together with you to perform the integration, test it, and do a security audit.

To request a custom Solana contract integration, reach out to support at with the following information:

  • Smart contract address in mainnet and devnet (if different)
  • Documentation and/or sample code for the following operations:
    • Determining whether an NFT is available/sold out, whether a user is eligible to buy it, and what is the price and currency of the sale
    • Performing a purchase
  • Desired date of launch