Accept Credit Card Payments for your NFT Drop using thirdweb & Crossmint

To add Crossmint support to your ERC-721 thirdweb "Drop" contract head to the Crossmint console and create a new collection.


Click the "New collection" button

Fill out basic information to register your NFT collection. This will allow you to start configuring the products. You will be able to change the collection details later.


Under "Blockchain", select "Ethereum" or "Polygon"

Select Thirdweb as your contract type


Under "Contract Type", select "Thirdweb (NFT Drop)"

Provide contract address and click "Save contract"


Input your Contract Address and click "Save contract"

To find your contract address login to the thirdweb dashboard and simply click the contract address to copy it to the clipboard.


You can see the contract address in the green outlined square above

thirdweb Guides

Here are some guides that show you how to create a thirdweb drop from start to finish:

In Your Crossmint Console

Head back to the Crossmint console and save the collection.

All that remains now is to add the "Pay with credit card" button to your minting site! You can find some more integration details for adding the button here.