Register Collection

Everything with Crossmint Payments begins with registering a collection in our dev consoles. If you haven't already created a developer account do that first!

First Login

Select the "New collection" button upon your first login to get started.


Console screen upon first login to Crossmint

Returning Login


Initial Collection Creation

We have improved our collection creation to allow you to start the process before you have a contract address or candy machine ID. This allows you to create a clientId immediately in case your situation requires any custom configuration.
Give your collection a name and select the appropriate blockchain. (Solana, Ethereum, or Polygon)
Image URL and Description are optional at this phase, but you'll definitely want to add these before you go live with the project.


Contract Registration

Solana Candy Machine

If your project is using the Candy Machine contracts by metaplex you simply need to paste in the CM ID and save the form. We support Candy Machine v1 and v2, with v3 support coming soon.


Crossmint Candy Machine Registration Developer Console Screen

Ethereum/Polygon ERC-721/ERC-1155

The setup for EVM contracts has a few more steps as outlined below.

  1. Select the contract type. ERC-721 and ERC-1155 are setup identically. (If you're using the thirdweb NFT Drop contract it's even easier)
  2. Paste in the section of ABI* for your mint function only*. We do not need or accept the entire ABI. See the placeholder text for some guidance on how to get the correct section.
  3. We will attempt to auto detect the correct address parameter using your ABI. If you have more than one address parameter you may need to select the correct option from the dropdown list.
  4. We will also attempt to auto detect the correct quantity parameter if your mint function supports minting multiple. Once again, if you pass in multiple numeric parameters you may need to select the correct option.

The ethereum/polygon contract setup screen in crossmint developer console.

How To Find Your clientID

With your collection registration completed you can now use the generated clientId to add the Crossmint Pay Button to your minting site.


How to find your Crossmint clientId

Collection Registration Next Steps

Now that you have your collection configured in the Crossmint console you're ready for the next step, which is integrating the Crossmint Pay Button into your minting site!

You can jump ahead to the docs for adding the Crossmint Pay Button now.

Learn more about advanced features and options related to collection creation in the links below.